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I am so excited about today…

My daughter has no idea what is going on, but it is her birthday and MAMA is trying desperately to make her excited about it. {in other words: MAMA  is being a FREAK and she doesn’t know why}.

Perhaps I am TOO excited…she had “birthday yogurt” this morning and “birthday jelly” on her sandwich and she gets a LOT of birthday kisses. Ok, so I am not actually doing anything out of the ordinary, but I AM WORKING WITH WHAT I GOT ON A RAINING DAY.

I guess I just get excited because Ella was a bit of a surprise to us, but MAN has that little girl changed our whole world into something beautiful…
ella is born

ella is born

Don’t get me wrong. In the past 2 years there are times when I literally just STARE at her because I have no response for how RIDICULOUS she is being. That is right. She. Can. Be. Very. Difficult. She hit the “terrible twos” when she turned ONE.

ella is 2

But thank you GOD that You made her the most fun-loving, hilarious, smart and wonderful 2 year old I know too….

I love her with my whole heart and pray that God will bless her as much as she has blessed Nathan and I….

Happy Birthday, Ella. You are my favorite girl.





It’s been a while, but here I go again.

FIRST, to sum up the past few months…


It. Was. Crazy.

Too busy to blog some say? What? Yes.

Good- but K-razy.


Topsail 2010


First, the family beach trip for a week…

ella at the beach 2010

Linc’s job was to keep watch over the stroller that lay under the tent…he did fantastic…

Linc, 2.5 weeks old at the beach!

(please note how skinny his little legs are…he is only 2.5 weeks old!)

Why, yes, we did bury our daughter in the sand…she loved it, can’t you tell?

ella buried in the sand

The HAIR. I would kill for it.

ella at the beach

I look pretty contemplative, don’t I?  Just wondering why I am at the beach right after birthing a baby, that’s all.

family at the beach

Ok, that was a GREAT week.




Then 2 weeks later, we left for Cyprus with the whole family! The weather was BLAZING hot (120 degrees on some days), the people were AMAZING, the trip was TOUGH, but I am learning ALL THE TIME.

A little glimpse…

The people we would meet were so great and went BANANAS over our kids!!

Linc in Cyprus

ella in cyprus

The view…

cyprus coastline

The cove…

cyprus coastline

ella in cyprus

We visited a mosque on the north/south border…or as ella’s cousin called it…a “princess castle”…

mosque "princess castle"

ella and sarah in the mosque

The Saturday market…that is me on the right and my SUPER MOM double stroller…

wed market in cyprus

My AMAZING husband with Ella in front of a church in the village…where we prayed…

Linc’s perfect face and his natural mohawk that happened every time I washed his hair..

linc's mohawk

We may or may not have used a suitcase for Lincoln’s bed…

linc's bed in cyprus

Ella made a fast friend at the playground! She was so sweet with Ella…

ella's cyprus friend

A GOOD but HARD trip. I am so blessed to have been apart of it all.


New England 2010


2 weeks after Cyprus, like a CRAZY PERSON, I pack up my kids AGAIN and head to New England for a week to visit family (and NO husband….WHAT?). Thank GOODNESS my parents were willing to make the trip with me- they were wonderful and I would have literally died with out them.

First to beautiful Vermont to visit my mom’s parents…


It almost felt like fall already!

ella in a pumkin patch

fam in vt

Lincoln with “Grumps”….this is a very scary thing…for both of them…

Linc and Grumps

It was rainy most days, but we powered through and found a playground anyway. You can tell by her outfit that we didn’t come prepared for colder weather…

ella and mama in boots

ella swinging

“Gram” gettin in on the fun…

ella and gram on the slide

ella on playground in vt

Linc playing on the playground…

Linc on the playground

Then off to New Hampshire to visit my dad’s parents…

ella's great grandparents

That is me “sailing” with my sister…with very little wind….

sailing in nh

Visited the “Friendly Farm”….Ella did not appreciate this AT ALL….she was terrified of all the animals…

on the friendly farm

ella and mama on the friendly farm

on the friendly farm

“Pop Pop” took Ella for a ride on the tractor while he was working on the driveway…

ella and pop pop on the tractor

And “Aunt Julie” took the kids to the beach on the lake…

aunt julie and ella on the beach

ella at the lake

I feel like he wants to say something…

linc at the lake

Another great trip- so happy to see my family.



On Monday, I will introduce you to “EIGHT”….my most favorite china cabinet EVER.



Going from one to two kids is no walk in the park- especially when you opt to have them both under TWO YEARS OLD. Dividing my attention evenly without brooding jealously is my biggest task when it comes to Ella…while she a GREAT big sister, she is a smart cookie and knows when to start the “I am desperately needy right now because you are holding Lincoln and not me, I think I will freak out now” tantrum.

GOOD NEWS? She will never know there was once this thing called “Ella Wednesday” that features JUST HER. Now, I must share the beauty that is BOTH my kids….perhaps call it “TORRENCE TUESDAY”????….WE JUST DON’T KNOW THESE THINGS YET.

Here is the last Ella Wednesday…from now on, she must share the spotlight.


This is how it went:

Nathan and Ella went to the garden to pick the squash.

Ella came inside to show mommy.

This is her starting to realized that the squash VAGUELY resembles a gun….hmmmm…

ella & summer squash

Ahhhhh, yes, this is a suitable gun…..

ella & summer squash

Getting a little more into it now….POW!! POW!!

ella & summer squash


ella & summer squash


ella & summer squash


Anywho…a few days later, she found THIS in the garden. There is a small chance we should have picked this sooner…

ella & giant zucchini

When your zucchini weighs as much as your two-year-old….you might have let it grow for too long…



steal my kissess…

Ok everyone. I am back.

I have a reDONKulous amount of stuff to share.

FIRST and foremost is my son, Lincoln. Today he is exactly 2 weeks old and OH MAN do I love this boy. He is so perfect.

He eats and sleeps really well (which I could not say the same about my daughter) and I couldn’t be more blessed. My one and ONLY complaint is that he is very gassy….BUT, like father like son, right?  Too much info? You will get over it.

So here goes the first few beautiful moments through these past few weeks…..enjoy!

Lincoln only minutes old

First bath…

Lincoln's first bath

Lincoln's first bath

LOVE him…

mommy kisses

lincoln's first outfit

This is what I got to stare at for 2 days in the hospital….perfection….

Lincoln snug as a bug

She seems happy about this…..right???

Big Sister holding Lincoln for the first time

Kisses from Ella…

Ella kissing Lincoln for the first time

Going home….


First mohawk….

Lincoln's first mohawk

This is how he rolls…

chillax to the max

Tomorrow you will get to see “Nine”…

9 sneak peak



Lincoln James Torrence was born June 15!

20″ long and 7lb 11oz of PERFECT.

Whether you like it or not, a big ol’ picture gallery is going to be posted soon in honor of our new son.

Until then (in other words: until I get my life together)….feast your eyes upon THIS 5 day old stud!!!

Lincoln 4 days old




Because my child refuses to come out on his own, I will be induced tomorrow morn.

BOOO for inducing. YAY for not being pregnant a day longer.

It may be a week or so until I post again which REALLY STINKS for all of YOU because I have 3 new pieces just dying to be photographed….but alas it will all have to wait on LINCOLN JAMES TORRENCE.

When you see me again, I will be a super skinny super star (HAHAHA) with a brand new beautiful baby boy!!!

I am so excited I might pee my pants….or is that my water breaking….???



GO AHEAD. Judge me for calling my daughter that…WHATEVER. She is in a diaper and hand-me-down whinnie the pooh shoes that are 3 sizes too big for her….NOW WHAT?

Last night she helped her daddy pick sugar snaps out of the garden…and she ATE THEM- RAW! So proud. My little granola baby.

We start with a little dance…

ella dancing

Meanders over to Daddy to help…

What is in my sand bucket?

And she is trying it……PLEASE like them…..


ella eating snaps...mmmmmm good

Prettiest girl…

prettiest girl



This is the latest addition to our lovely home…

SO, remember when I said how much I like THIS piece from etsy?

you are my sunshine artwork

Well, I decided to do my version of it on some old barn wood that I stole from my brother-in-law. I knew I needed Nathan’s help on this one, so I asked him if he wanted to do a “together” project. I braced myself for the oh-man-not-another-together-project-look….but instead he was like “oh cool”.

THEN, before mothers day he told me he was actually going to do the project FOR ME as my mother’s day gift. WOW- be jealous you people who didn’t get to marry Nathan.

So here it is. I chose words from a blessing song that is my favorite. Every time I sing this part I think of Ella and my baby boy Lincoln.

I bless you sign

I bless you sign

I love it so much. Don’t believe that he actually took the time to do it himself?? Proof is in the photo:

making the sign



This post is a little late, but I had to share. My sweet husband and my lovely Ella made this video for me for mothers day.

It makes it better to know what she is TRYING to say on the video:

“Happy Mothers Day. I love You. Bye!”


Ella has new boots. The boots are the #1 source of entertainment for the last few days. From the moment we wake up:

ella's rain boots

And yes, I did her hair like that. Sometimes it is more about function that fashion- right ella?

ella kissing daddy

Her reaction to me taking pictures is either to say “CHEESE!” with a very scary smile or to do random things like lay on the floor and stare at me:

ella in boots

We have been stuck inside for a few days- both because of the weather and pregnancy/laziness. Which means we do things like put on boots, hats and jackets even when we aren’t going anywhere. This is how we role.

ella's twiggie hat

This is my most favorite hat of Ella’s- a gift from my very talented friend Candace.

ella's twiggie hat

That is all for now….BYE BYE !!!

ella's twiggie hat



I have been a little absent from the blogging world this week because some major events have taken place in our family. Well, one major event. Nathan was laid off from his job at noon this past Wednesday. There was no warning whatsoever. The reasons were purely financial- nothing to do with his performance as a designer. He and a project manager were both laid off due to two major clients drying up.

I must say, it is VERY surreal to have him home in a mad search for another job. BUT, we feel like the Lord has totally prepared us for this in so many ways. There has been no major FREAK OUT sessions YET, just a supernatural trust in the Lord to provide an even better job for him. He has already received a bunch of leads from fellow designers, he has applied to several positions and he has an interview already set up for next week.

I say all of this in hopes of your support and prayers AND (for our local friends) to keep an ear open for any job opportunities. THANK YOU SO MUCH to our friends who have already acted swiftly in finding leads and supporting us!!


Wouldn’t it be FUN if I posted a pic of ella every wednesday?? I would call it “ella wednesday”. OK- don’t count on this actually happening, but this is me putting my best foot forward…

ella almost 20 months

Ella is almost 20 months and MAN do I love this girl…

ella almost 20 mo

She is my happy Ella Bean.



vintage yellow frames

  1. I painted some of my frames “vintage yellow” to make a bunch of misc frames look like they go together. Good idea- bad paint color. It looks more like greenish-yellow-puke-yuck. Can’t decide if I should just go with another paint color all together or give it up and do white on everything. It may be the color of my walls that is not jiving with the paint colors. As you can see, I tried to sand one of them. Suggestions please.
  2. I am going to get a passport for my 19 month old today. It is vain that I am trying to make her hair look cute for the passport photo. Don’t care.
  3. I only cut my hair once every 6 months because I am lazy and not a fan of paying $55 for a hair cut. I am getting it cut this weekend. Its a big day for me.

This is me the other day- right out of the shower- 31 weeks pregnant with Lincoln. OH MY WORD. Pretty sure this is what I looked like at 38 weeks with Ella.

31 weeks pregnant

oh- Also, we never ever clean our windows apparently…



Ella is 19 months and officially A BIG GIRL (or so she thinks/acts). A month ago we switched her to a toddler bed. I was slightly worried about the switch….and by slightly I mean, I was sure she would be able to get out of bed, open the door, climb over the railing and fall down the stairs.

But NOT ELLA- she was all “SO? BIG DEAL..I am in a big girl bed”. She took to it like a champion. If you know Ella at all, you know that its not always so easy breezy, so YES I am delighted.

Nathan took a very sacred Saturday to make her a toddler bed and I just finished painting it white yesterday. With just one 2×4, and two small boards my oh so talented husband made this ADORABLE bed for our little nubbin for only $30. SWEET, I love cheap.

sanding toddler bed

Ella doing a preliminary inspection…(before paint)

testing toddler bed

AFTER: In the room all painted nice and WHITE.

toddler bed painted white

The best part about it? Now when she gets up from naps or in the morning, instead of crying, I just hear a “knock, knock, knock”…..this means she is very politely ready to come out now….SO FREAKIN CUTE! I mean, she is NEVER polite!?! But she OWNS this big girl bed.

Don’t mind if I do…

ella in new bed 1

CHILLaxin…in pacifier HEAVEN…

ella in new bed 1

What a HAPPY girl.

Happy ella




I am finally (at 7 months pregnant) beginning to work on the kids room. Because I am selfish, I am sticking them both in the smallest room in the house so I can keep the “extra” room as a guest/play/sewing area.

Many of the pieces are coming together, but I have no final photos yet. There is no theme and nothing is match-y match-y. Here is what I have so far:

1- Ella’s quilt. I bought this sucker at Burlington for $20. It was a twin and I cut it to fit her toddler bed (cutting it was scary by the way) and I just finished sewing up the edges. I may or may not have done this right….I just bought some binding stuff and sewed it on….is that how you do it?

binding ella's quilt

ella's quilt- finished

2. Lincoln’s quilt. Since they are in the same room, I had to find something that matched Ella’s – but hers is super girl-y. I found this Alexander Henry fabric on Etsy to use as my main fabric. I will bring in more browns and greens with the quilt AND bumper ect….

alexander henry spotted owl fabric

I think they go pretty well together:

ella & lincoln's fabrics

2. Wall color & Accessories. When it was just Ella, the room was green:

ella's green room

I wanted to change it to something more NEUTRAL. Just last week, I painted the room twice. Yes, TWICE. The first time I got the color wrong and it looked like an insane asylum with all white walls- I love white, but this was bad:

kids room - white wall color #1

The second time, I went with a color called “natural wicker”. MUCH MUCH better:

natural linen wall color

The elephants were given to me by Nathan’s mom. They used to hang in Nathan’s room as a baby. I love them. The lamp shade is from IKEA.

Found these old mirror trays at goodwill and (of course) painted them white. Planning to hang them on the wall with ribbon.


goodwill mirror trays before


goodwill mirror trays painted white

goodwill mirror trays painted white

4. Dresser. Found this on craigslist last saturday for $30!!!!!! Be jealous.  I love it. Plenty of room for both kids. OF COURSE I will paint it and put new hardware (or paint the hardware that is on it)…..but for right now it works GREAT even as it is!

kids dresser before

That is all so far! Any suggestions are welcome as to how to make it more boy-ish for poor Lincoln.



We spend Sunday afternoon at my parents farm and Nathan let Ella ride the tractor with him.  I snapped a few photos of my little farm girl and I just CAN NOT GET OVER how grown up she looks! I am so proud of her and what a beautiful child God has created. NO, I can never control that mess of a head- but I love the hair anyway and I love her!

It’s not fear those Torrence eyebrows are conveying…more like confusion….

Ella & Nathan on Tractor 1

Ella & Nathan on Tractor 2

Ella & Nathan on Tractor 3

Ella & Nathan on Tractor 4



We have a big announcement. But first, lets recap: our family so far consists of Nathan, myself AND:

ELLA JADE who is 1.5 years old and more than likely the most beautiful, above average 18 month year old girl on the planet. I found her the other day like this:

ella jade reading a book

We also have a dog named CHARLIE  who is the most well behaved glorious addition to our family (other than the children) and we love him:

charlie our dog

And NOW, we found out a little over a month ago we were having a baby boy (due June 20).

We were so excited- now all we need is the .5 kid and we are the perfect family!!! (all those who know us should laughing histarically right now). Anyway, we were so excited until we realized we had to name HIM. What? A boy? We don’t do boy names. We have girl names down.

HOWEVER, after 25 weeks WE FINALLY DID IT.

We finally completed the impossible task of naming a baby boy….AND we are still married!! Yay for us!!!

Please welcome


Lincoln James - 20 week ultra sound pic

(and yes, it looks like he is doing a fist bump. that is our boy)




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