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I rarely go, but every once in a while I will find something at the goodwill that can be given a little love and easily fit in my home.

These lamps @ $5 each +  yellow paint + new lamp shade = perfect bedside lamp set…

goodwill lamp set

Still deciding on lamp shade colors….hence the plastic…but you get the idea…





This is the latest addition to our lovely home…

SO, remember when I said how much I like THIS piece from etsy?

you are my sunshine artwork

Well, I decided to do my version of it on some old barn wood that I stole from my brother-in-law. I knew I needed Nathan’s help on this one, so I asked him if he wanted to do a “together” project. I braced myself for the oh-man-not-another-together-project-look….but instead he was like “oh cool”.

THEN, before mothers day he told me he was actually going to do the project FOR ME as my mother’s day gift. WOW- be jealous you people who didn’t get to marry Nathan.

So here it is. I chose words from a blessing song that is my favorite. Every time I sing this part I think of Ella and my baby boy Lincoln.

I bless you sign

I bless you sign

I love it so much. Don’t believe that he actually took the time to do it himself?? Proof is in the photo:

making the sign



vintage yellow frames

  1. I painted some of my frames “vintage yellow” to make a bunch of misc frames look like they go together. Good idea- bad paint color. It looks more like greenish-yellow-puke-yuck. Can’t decide if I should just go with another paint color all together or give it up and do white on everything. It may be the color of my walls that is not jiving with the paint colors. As you can see, I tried to sand one of them. Suggestions please.
  2. I am going to get a passport for my 19 month old today. It is vain that I am trying to make her hair look cute for the passport photo. Don’t care.
  3. I only cut my hair once every 6 months because I am lazy and not a fan of paying $55 for a hair cut. I am getting it cut this weekend. Its a big day for me.

In my attempt to bring light to my living room, I decided to use this old mirror I had and put it above our entertainment center. More light = more happy.

Sooo, what to do with an old mirror that probably came from walmart years ago? Grey primer and behr paint sample.


round mirror before


round mirror after



Happy Monday everyone….

living room white sheers

Over the weekend, our  living room received a QUICK  face lift for spring. I threw on some natural couch covers (wrinkly and messy, but who cares? it is summer!) and white sheers on the windows. This painting was done by my Grandmother- so beautiful. I am trying to find a frame so I can hang it in the room…

living room for spring

This basket is where we put all our games, but the black was not cutting it.


basket- before

AFTER:living room face lift

I will probably keep it as an “end table” but…..who knows?

basket- slate blue

I chose “slate blue”- MUCH lighter and very pretty for spring…

basket- after

I love sheers in the summer to let all that natural light in…



found these on our bike ride Saturday. hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

blue flowers

blue flowers

my “free” weeping Japanese cherry blossom tree is kicking butt in our front yard…

drooping cherry blossom tree

cherry blossom tree

happy monday.


Ella is 19 months and officially A BIG GIRL (or so she thinks/acts). A month ago we switched her to a toddler bed. I was slightly worried about the switch….and by slightly I mean, I was sure she would be able to get out of bed, open the door, climb over the railing and fall down the stairs.

But NOT ELLA- she was all “SO? BIG DEAL..I am in a big girl bed”. She took to it like a champion. If you know Ella at all, you know that its not always so easy breezy, so YES I am delighted.

Nathan took a very sacred Saturday to make her a toddler bed and I just finished painting it white yesterday. With just one 2×4, and two small boards my oh so talented husband made this ADORABLE bed for our little nubbin for only $30. SWEET, I love cheap.

sanding toddler bed

Ella doing a preliminary inspection…(before paint)

testing toddler bed

AFTER: In the room all painted nice and WHITE.

toddler bed painted white

The best part about it? Now when she gets up from naps or in the morning, instead of crying, I just hear a “knock, knock, knock”…..this means she is very politely ready to come out now….SO FREAKIN CUTE! I mean, she is NEVER polite!?! But she OWNS this big girl bed.

Don’t mind if I do…

ella in new bed 1

CHILLaxin…in pacifier HEAVEN…

ella in new bed 1

What a HAPPY girl.

Happy ella




I am finally (at 7 months pregnant) beginning to work on the kids room. Because I am selfish, I am sticking them both in the smallest room in the house so I can keep the “extra” room as a guest/play/sewing area.

Many of the pieces are coming together, but I have no final photos yet. There is no theme and nothing is match-y match-y. Here is what I have so far:

1- Ella’s quilt. I bought this sucker at Burlington for $20. It was a twin and I cut it to fit her toddler bed (cutting it was scary by the way) and I just finished sewing up the edges. I may or may not have done this right….I just bought some binding stuff and sewed it on….is that how you do it?

binding ella's quilt

ella's quilt- finished

2. Lincoln’s quilt. Since they are in the same room, I had to find something that matched Ella’s – but hers is super girl-y. I found this Alexander Henry fabric on Etsy to use as my main fabric. I will bring in more browns and greens with the quilt AND bumper ect….

alexander henry spotted owl fabric

I think they go pretty well together:

ella & lincoln's fabrics

2. Wall color & Accessories. When it was just Ella, the room was green:

ella's green room

I wanted to change it to something more NEUTRAL. Just last week, I painted the room twice. Yes, TWICE. The first time I got the color wrong and it looked like an insane asylum with all white walls- I love white, but this was bad:

kids room - white wall color #1

The second time, I went with a color called “natural wicker”. MUCH MUCH better:

natural linen wall color

The elephants were given to me by Nathan’s mom. They used to hang in Nathan’s room as a baby. I love them. The lamp shade is from IKEA.

Found these old mirror trays at goodwill and (of course) painted them white. Planning to hang them on the wall with ribbon.


goodwill mirror trays before


goodwill mirror trays painted white

goodwill mirror trays painted white

4. Dresser. Found this on craigslist last saturday for $30!!!!!! Be jealous.  I love it. Plenty of room for both kids. OF COURSE I will paint it and put new hardware (or paint the hardware that is on it)…..but for right now it works GREAT even as it is!

kids dresser before

That is all so far! Any suggestions are welcome as to how to make it more boy-ish for poor Lincoln.



We just recently stripped, stained and re-painted our staircase- and I love it. But it is bare and lonely- NADA on the walls:

People know I am a graphic designer/creative person, yada yada….but what everyone doesn’t know is that I just steal all my ideas from everyone else. A true creative just finds the best people to mimic….or that is what I tell myself.

This time I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs that showed a hallway FILLED with framed Leodardo Da Vinci works. Being a lover of Da Vinci, Nathan and I decided to do something similar.

We found an over-sized book of Da Vinci sketches book on Amazon for only $4.00- I couldn’t believe it! It is beautiful- so many to choose from.

and SOOOOO many more are in this book!!!

I gathered all our frames just laying in the attic or around the house- small and large-  that were not being used. I also plan to buy several more oversized frames to fit some of the amazing full page images in the book.

I decided to make them all antique gold for uniformity and to keep with the vintage feel- so next step is to spray!

rust-oleum hammered gold

I’ll post the “after” pic of all the frames painted and filled with sketches….as soon as the weather is nice enough. This is a pretty inexpensive project so far, so I figure my hallway can’t loose at this point…we will see!




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