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card catalog- dream book design

card catalog- dream book design

Dream Book Design

card catalog - small notebook card cartalog - small notebook

Small Notebook
card catalog

card catalog - the orange room

The Orange Room

It is my dream to refinish a card catalog.

There is no doubt in my mind I will one day find it.

I have a perfectly wonderful entryway just waiting to house one.



samsonite white suitcase chair

upholstered ottoman bath pale

Amo Box side table

My cousin (knowing my love for all things re-purposed) came across a fantastic designer, Katie Thomspon with Recreate…and I just had to share.

Taking recycled furniture to a whole new level.

I will take one of each. Thank you.

Just a little inspiration for your tuesday…


Anthro has these on sale and if anyone would like to buy the set for me, that would be fine.

Such good inspiration for a room…

anthropology tea set


You can tell by this post, I am VERY impatiently waiting for the paint to dry on my next piece.

Looking forward to sharing on Monday!




A change is brewing in our bedroom…

grey ruffle, lace curtain, bedroom inspiration


Old mixed with new.

chippy headboards vintage rustic










My brother-in-law stumbled upon THREE rolls on vintage wallpaper in an abandoned home on his property. I tried to contain my excitement….because it is JUST WALLPAPER….but…oh man….this is gonna look gooooood on my next piece….

vintage wallpaper


Made in the U.S.A. baby.




I couldn’t resist. My daughter has been watching Mary Poppins for a month strait now.




Yellow is what I really want to talk about. I am so inspired by this color sometimes….I want to kiss it on the mouth.

Look at this perfectness….

yellow door

photo: anna + kern

yellow dresser country bedroom

photo: country living

country living yellow storage cabinet

photo: country living
yellow cabinet
yellow dining room house to home
photo: house to home
yellow toy chest
photo: decor8

I get WAY to excited about hardware.

So, I was doing your basic googling in search of inspiration for hardware for a new piece we are working on…

and found some that I am not ashamed to drool over…

candy striped knobs

lifeatcloud9ranch hardware

plumo knobs

compass knobs

vintage melon glass knobs lifestyle

anthro knobs

and don’t forget door hardware….oh my word.




Ok, the woman and all her cronies have a knack for color. I have to give it to them. I may not be able to relate to Martha on a whole lot of levels, but color is one thing that she ROCKS at. (yes, I can finish my sentences with “at” because I live in VA).

martha stewart paint, yellow

SO, her paint line that used to be sold at K-mart (boooo) is now revamped and at Home Depot (yaaaay).

marthas favorite colors

So I naturally took one of every paint card to keep in my collection….

new martha stewart paint colors

As you can see, these colors ROCK on furniture….I have already used THREE of the colors on my new pieces and I AM IN LOVE.

new martha stewart paint colors

new martha stewart paint color- coral

new martha stewart paint line

new martha stewart paint line

It may be a while before I venture outside of the Martha Stewart line…

new martha stewart paint colors

THAT being said. The paint QUALITY is another thing. I bought 2 quart size cans of paint. One of them seemed to go on OK to a perfectly sanded and primed surface….the other can of paint was a HUGE disappointment. It did this awful bubbly thing- HORRIBLE finish!!! I was soooooo bummed!

martha stewart paint bubbling up

SO WHAT TO DO? I am in love with the color line and questioning the quality of the paint. Of course I can color match them and use a better paint….but WHAT A PAIN?!!

I will say, Home Depot took it back no questions asked and gave me a fresh can of paint. Maybe it was just a bum can…but it makes me nervous. Hopefully this second can will go on smoothly. BUT I may just steal the colors and use another brand for a while….

Sorry Martha, its LOVE-HATE for me right now…but you are still the color master….

new martha stewart new paint colors



Happy Thursday!

vintage bottles 1

There is nothing better than taking a pile of dirty JUNK and turning into something beautiful…

vintage bottles 2

photos: eatdrinkchic blog

A few weekends ago, we were out at my brother-in-laws farm and I came across a STASH of old vintage bottles/jars he had collected from his property. OK, so they don’t look exactly like the above pics, but I am working on them…


vintage bottles and jars before


vintage bottles and jars

vintage bottles and jars

I have no pretty flowers to put in them yet because my garden is a bust this year due to my pregnancy….but I can’t wait to fill them with all kinds of nice things…

Body+Soul magazine

better homes and gardens

Denise Lynette Andrade

OR, stencil them…

stenciled bottles

OR (if I am very ambitious) make a mason jar lantern….

weeping cherry blog mason jar lantern

Some shapes are so sweet you don’t need to fill them….

fleamarketblog vintage bottles

Ok, so that is my “thing” this Thursday. Yet another flea market item for me to scope out and re-purpose.

eatdrinkchicblog2 vintage bottle with flowers



This is the latest addition to our lovely home…

SO, remember when I said how much I like THIS piece from etsy?

you are my sunshine artwork

Well, I decided to do my version of it on some old barn wood that I stole from my brother-in-law. I knew I needed Nathan’s help on this one, so I asked him if he wanted to do a “together” project. I braced myself for the oh-man-not-another-together-project-look….but instead he was like “oh cool”.

THEN, before mothers day he told me he was actually going to do the project FOR ME as my mother’s day gift. WOW- be jealous you people who didn’t get to marry Nathan.

So here it is. I chose words from a blessing song that is my favorite. Every time I sing this part I think of Ella and my baby boy Lincoln.

I bless you sign

I bless you sign

I love it so much. Don’t believe that he actually took the time to do it himself?? Proof is in the photo:

making the sign



Found this on Etsy. Naturally, with my next large chunk of money that I have floating around, I would love to purchase one:

you are my sunshine artwork

I love it SO much. I think it would be PERFECT for our living room.

Don’t think I haven’t dropped SEVERAL HINTS that were NOT SUBTLE at all to my husband who is perfectly capable of either buying me this or making me one similar….



So after doing my Hershey’s sugar sack pillow I decided to do a little google-ing and see what else I could do with these old grain and sugar sacks from Nana. AND GUESS WHAT? I found chairs! I didn’t think of that at all for some reason, but I am loving the idea.

Today I am inspired by these:

grain sack chairgrain sack chair back

Jayson Home & Garden
Pineapple Court
grain sack chair
feed sack chair
country home
feed sack chair

3finegrains etsy shop

I am still in love with my pillow….

Hersheys Sugar Pillow Close-up

….but perhaps a matching chair will be next….



found these on our bike ride Saturday. hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

blue flowers

blue flowers

my “free” weeping Japanese cherry blossom tree is kicking butt in our front yard…

drooping cherry blossom tree

cherry blossom tree

happy monday.


So, in all this thinking about moving and renovating our next home I have done a bit of kitchen daydreaming. We have looked at a house that is a possibility- an old farmhouse fixer upper, but right now it is a waiting game.

However, there are 2 things I am SOLD on:  CAST IRON FARMHOUSE SINKS and WOOD COUNTER TOPS (fyi: ikea sells the counter tops for a steal). Both give that farmhouse feel that we would need for a fixer upper AND I think will look beautiful together. Not to mention I can bath my children in that HUGE sink instead of bending over the bathtub- so fun!

farmhouse sink & wood countertops
farmhouse sink & wood countertops
(image: A Country Farmhouse)
ikea countertops
(image: design sponge)
farmhouse sink
(image: Southern Living)
farmhouse sink & wood countertops
farmhouse sink & wood countertops
farmhouse sink & wood countertops
farmhouse sink & wood countertops
farmhouse sink
(all other images from flickr & google images)



Our bed broke….for the third time. I know what you are thinking, but trust me, all it takes is my 7 month preggo body to sit on the corner and it falls to the ground. We have had it for a while and it was a cheap scratch and dent when we bought it- so there is no love loss. I need to come up with creative (aka: cheap) solution for a new bed. Yesterday I came across this image of a mantel as a headboard…and OH MAN would I love to have one!!

here is is again….cause it is so pretty!

In my current home, this mantel thing would not work, but since we are looking at new houses (particularly old farm houses)….NEVER again will an old chippy paint mantel in the bedroom scare me!!

mantel as headboard

mantel as headboard

mantel as headboard

mantel as headboard

mantel as headboard

mantel as headboard




508 on Etsy!

etsy logo