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I am so excited about today…

My daughter has no idea what is going on, but it is her birthday and MAMA is trying desperately to make her excited about it. {in other words: MAMA  is being a FREAK and she doesn’t know why}.

Perhaps I am TOO excited…she had “birthday yogurt” this morning and “birthday jelly” on her sandwich and she gets a LOT of birthday kisses. Ok, so I am not actually doing anything out of the ordinary, but I AM WORKING WITH WHAT I GOT ON A RAINING DAY.

I guess I just get excited because Ella was a bit of a surprise to us, but MAN has that little girl changed our whole world into something beautiful…
ella is born

ella is born

Don’t get me wrong. In the past 2 years there are times when I literally just STARE at her because I have no response for how RIDICULOUS she is being. That is right. She. Can. Be. Very. Difficult. She hit the “terrible twos” when she turned ONE.

ella is 2

But thank you GOD that You made her the most fun-loving, hilarious, smart and wonderful 2 year old I know too….

I love her with my whole heart and pray that God will bless her as much as she has blessed Nathan and I….

Happy Birthday, Ella. You are my favorite girl.




We are pretty stoked about No 11…..not only did he turn out better than we DREAMED, but he was SO much fun to create!

Take a look…

He started out with some pretty bad scratches and broken hardware…but with a little repair…

No. 12    {before}

…he is the PERFECT shade of turquoise now…

No. 12

BUT that is not all folks….we experimented with paper for the first time and IT WAS AWESOME…
This was an old oversized calendar I bought in Italy in 2003…here is the process of us fitting it to the top…

No. 12 {process}

as you can see, the calendar had amazing images and had been stashed away for years until FINALLY we found its destiny…

No. 12

No. 11…

No. 12

No. 12

No. 12

No. 12

No. 12

No. 12

No. 12

It will be SO hard to let this one go, but he is up on etsy looking for a home as perfect as he is…

No. 12

{ No. 11 turquoise italy desk available 325.00 here }

Happy Wednesday.


Eleven is almost finished- sorry, this one is a lot more detailed and is taking longer.

In the mean time, I thought I would show you THIS awesomeness that I picked up and it is in the pipeline…

12 trunk before

The exterior is in poor shape, so I must paint it…but I need your suggestions on color…

the interior I love with my whole heart….of course I will repair it too, but probably keep the original paper…

12 trunk before interior

Suggestions on color?


I can’t stand it. I have to show you what Eleven looks like so far…

508 desk #11





Six, Ten and Eight have all found a wonderful new homes!

six, eight and ten

So excited and busy busy busy to get new pieces up on etsy!!

Workshop building process is going well, but slow now that Nathan is back at work….still I am excited to see its progress….first wall is up!!



I couldn’t resist. My daughter has been watching Mary Poppins for a month strait now.




Yellow is what I really want to talk about. I am so inspired by this color sometimes….I want to kiss it on the mouth.

Look at this perfectness….

yellow door

photo: anna + kern

yellow dresser country bedroom

photo: country living

country living yellow storage cabinet

photo: country living
yellow cabinet
yellow dining room house to home
photo: house to home
yellow toy chest
photo: decor8

I get WAY to excited about hardware.

So, I was doing your basic googling in search of inspiration for hardware for a new piece we are working on…

and found some that I am not ashamed to drool over…

candy striped knobs

lifeatcloud9ranch hardware

plumo knobs

compass knobs

vintage melon glass knobs lifestyle

anthro knobs

and don’t forget door hardware….oh my word.




I want you to meet  No. 8 …

"eight" bone china cabinet

she needed some love…

"eight" before

but there was something about the shape that I just love…

"eight" bone china cabinet

we found a key at the estate specialist that actually works…

"eight" bone china cabinet

we chose a “bone” color that is just perfect with it’s shape and kept the original hardware…

"eight" bone china cabinet

….it will be VERY hard to see this one go…

"eight" bone china cabinet

"eight" bone china cabinet

OH!  While I was taking pictures, Nathan found this beautiful butterfly in our front yard- so sad…but really pretty…

"eight" bone china cabinet

{“eight” bone china cabinet available 400.00}- shipping available upon request





It’s been a while, but here I go again.

FIRST, to sum up the past few months…


It. Was. Crazy.

Too busy to blog some say? What? Yes.

Good- but K-razy.


Topsail 2010


First, the family beach trip for a week…

ella at the beach 2010

Linc’s job was to keep watch over the stroller that lay under the tent…he did fantastic…

Linc, 2.5 weeks old at the beach!

(please note how skinny his little legs are…he is only 2.5 weeks old!)

Why, yes, we did bury our daughter in the sand…she loved it, can’t you tell?

ella buried in the sand

The HAIR. I would kill for it.

ella at the beach

I look pretty contemplative, don’t I?  Just wondering why I am at the beach right after birthing a baby, that’s all.

family at the beach

Ok, that was a GREAT week.




Then 2 weeks later, we left for Cyprus with the whole family! The weather was BLAZING hot (120 degrees on some days), the people were AMAZING, the trip was TOUGH, but I am learning ALL THE TIME.

A little glimpse…

The people we would meet were so great and went BANANAS over our kids!!

Linc in Cyprus

ella in cyprus

The view…

cyprus coastline

The cove…

cyprus coastline

ella in cyprus

We visited a mosque on the north/south border…or as ella’s cousin called it…a “princess castle”…

mosque "princess castle"

ella and sarah in the mosque

The Saturday market…that is me on the right and my SUPER MOM double stroller…

wed market in cyprus

My AMAZING husband with Ella in front of a church in the village…where we prayed…

Linc’s perfect face and his natural mohawk that happened every time I washed his hair..

linc's mohawk

We may or may not have used a suitcase for Lincoln’s bed…

linc's bed in cyprus

Ella made a fast friend at the playground! She was so sweet with Ella…

ella's cyprus friend

A GOOD but HARD trip. I am so blessed to have been apart of it all.


New England 2010


2 weeks after Cyprus, like a CRAZY PERSON, I pack up my kids AGAIN and head to New England for a week to visit family (and NO husband….WHAT?). Thank GOODNESS my parents were willing to make the trip with me- they were wonderful and I would have literally died with out them.

First to beautiful Vermont to visit my mom’s parents…


It almost felt like fall already!

ella in a pumkin patch

fam in vt

Lincoln with “Grumps”….this is a very scary thing…for both of them…

Linc and Grumps

It was rainy most days, but we powered through and found a playground anyway. You can tell by her outfit that we didn’t come prepared for colder weather…

ella and mama in boots

ella swinging

“Gram” gettin in on the fun…

ella and gram on the slide

ella on playground in vt

Linc playing on the playground…

Linc on the playground

Then off to New Hampshire to visit my dad’s parents…

ella's great grandparents

That is me “sailing” with my sister…with very little wind….

sailing in nh

Visited the “Friendly Farm”….Ella did not appreciate this AT ALL….she was terrified of all the animals…

on the friendly farm

ella and mama on the friendly farm

on the friendly farm

“Pop Pop” took Ella for a ride on the tractor while he was working on the driveway…

ella and pop pop on the tractor

And “Aunt Julie” took the kids to the beach on the lake…

aunt julie and ella on the beach

ella at the lake

I feel like he wants to say something…

linc at the lake

Another great trip- so happy to see my family.



On Monday, I will introduce you to “EIGHT”….my most favorite china cabinet EVER.




508 on Etsy!

etsy logo



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