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steal my kissess…


This six-drawer beauty needed some serious love when we found him…

nine dresser before

nine dresser before

But man did he turn out to be a looker….

nine green desk

We couldn’t part with the original hardware…it went so well with the apple green…

nine desk after

Also, I MAY OR MAY NOT have gone a little Anne Geddes with this one….I AM SORRY…HOW COULD I RESIST???!!!!

NINE green dresser with Lincoln- Anne Geddes style

NINE green dresser after with lincoln- anne geddes style

{“nine” apple green desk available 275.00}- shipping available upon request




Ok everyone. I am back.

I have a reDONKulous amount of stuff to share.

FIRST and foremost is my son, Lincoln. Today he is exactly 2 weeks old and OH MAN do I love this boy. He is so perfect.

He eats and sleeps really well (which I could not say the same about my daughter) and I couldn’t be more blessed. My one and ONLY complaint is that he is very gassy….BUT, like father like son, right?  Too much info? You will get over it.

So here goes the first few beautiful moments through these past few weeks…..enjoy!

Lincoln only minutes old

First bath…

Lincoln's first bath

Lincoln's first bath

LOVE him…

mommy kisses

lincoln's first outfit

This is what I got to stare at for 2 days in the hospital….perfection….

Lincoln snug as a bug

She seems happy about this…..right???

Big Sister holding Lincoln for the first time

Kisses from Ella…

Ella kissing Lincoln for the first time

Going home….


First mohawk….

Lincoln's first mohawk

This is how he rolls…

chillax to the max

Tomorrow you will get to see “Nine”…

9 sneak peak



Lincoln James Torrence was born June 15!

20″ long and 7lb 11oz of PERFECT.

Whether you like it or not, a big ol’ picture gallery is going to be posted soon in honor of our new son.

Until then (in other words: until I get my life together)….feast your eyes upon THIS 5 day old stud!!!

Lincoln 4 days old




Because my child refuses to come out on his own, I will be induced tomorrow morn.

BOOO for inducing. YAY for not being pregnant a day longer.

It may be a week or so until I post again which REALLY STINKS for all of YOU because I have 3 new pieces just dying to be photographed….but alas it will all have to wait on LINCOLN JAMES TORRENCE.

When you see me again, I will be a super skinny super star (HAHAHA) with a brand new beautiful baby boy!!!

I am so excited I might pee my pants….or is that my water breaking….???



Ok, the woman and all her cronies have a knack for color. I have to give it to them. I may not be able to relate to Martha on a whole lot of levels, but color is one thing that she ROCKS at. (yes, I can finish my sentences with “at” because I live in VA).

martha stewart paint, yellow

SO, her paint line that used to be sold at K-mart (boooo) is now revamped and at Home Depot (yaaaay).

marthas favorite colors

So I naturally took one of every paint card to keep in my collection….

new martha stewart paint colors

As you can see, these colors ROCK on furniture….I have already used THREE of the colors on my new pieces and I AM IN LOVE.

new martha stewart paint colors

new martha stewart paint color- coral

new martha stewart paint line

new martha stewart paint line

It may be a while before I venture outside of the Martha Stewart line…

new martha stewart paint colors

THAT being said. The paint QUALITY is another thing. I bought 2 quart size cans of paint. One of them seemed to go on OK to a perfectly sanded and primed surface….the other can of paint was a HUGE disappointment. It did this awful bubbly thing- HORRIBLE finish!!! I was soooooo bummed!

martha stewart paint bubbling up

SO WHAT TO DO? I am in love with the color line and questioning the quality of the paint. Of course I can color match them and use a better paint….but WHAT A PAIN?!!

I will say, Home Depot took it back no questions asked and gave me a fresh can of paint. Maybe it was just a bum can…but it makes me nervous. Hopefully this second can will go on smoothly. BUT I may just steal the colors and use another brand for a while….

Sorry Martha, its LOVE-HATE for me right now…but you are still the color master….

new martha stewart new paint colors



Well, “seven” is finished and she is definitely a one-of-a-kind….

"7" final

She was taken from a sad beat up little dresser with 80’s golden knobs…"7" before

….to this grey beauty with so many lovely details….

"7" after

"7" after

"7" seal gray dresser after

Seven already has an admirer….

"7" after with ella bean

{“seven” seal gray dresser available 150.00}- shipping available upon request

Please stay tuned as our Etsy shop “508 Restoration & Design” will be up soon!!!! Yay!!!




"7" sneak peak

I haven’t been posting because I have been busy working on FIVE new pieces that I am SO excited about.
BUT, if I am honest, I have also been busy being MISERABLE waiting to get this baby out. So just HANG ON- ok?
Really great pieces to come soon…..




508 on Etsy!

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