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I love dressers SO much. They are one of my favorites to work on. Of course, when I am working on a table, tables are my favorite and when I am working on a trunk, trunks are my favorite….so on…WHATEVER…

THE POINT IS…..I am working on this baby – here is a sneak peak cause I can’t WAIT to share it.

This MIGHT be a little what it looked like BEFORE:

dressser sneak peak before

This MIGHT be a little what it will look like AFTER:

dresser sneak peak after

OH MAN. Get excited. This should be complete and ready for its photo shoot by MONDAY. YAY!




Wouldn’t it be FUN if I posted a pic of ella every wednesday?? I would call it “ella wednesday”. OK- don’t count on this actually happening, but this is me putting my best foot forward…

ella almost 20 months

Ella is almost 20 months and MAN do I love this girl…

ella almost 20 mo

She is my happy Ella Bean.



Like I told you before, I scored this little number on Craigslist the other week:

rocking chair before

Over the weekend, in between the rain storms, I worked on it and YES it is white. BUT before you judge, I just need to let it be known that is was my HUSBAND who said to do it white. Then I finished it off with this beautiful linen seat. I do like it a lot.

I MAY change the fabric on the seat because FIRST I can and #2:  I love fabric.

white rocker after

white rocker detail

white rocker detail

white rocker detail- linen seat



vintage yellow frames

  1. I painted some of my frames “vintage yellow” to make a bunch of misc frames look like they go together. Good idea- bad paint color. It looks more like greenish-yellow-puke-yuck. Can’t decide if I should just go with another paint color all together or give it up and do white on everything. It may be the color of my walls that is not jiving with the paint colors. As you can see, I tried to sand one of them. Suggestions please.
  2. I am going to get a passport for my 19 month old today. It is vain that I am trying to make her hair look cute for the passport photo. Don’t care.
  3. I only cut my hair once every 6 months because I am lazy and not a fan of paying $55 for a hair cut. I am getting it cut this weekend. Its a big day for me.

I am finally getting a chance to work on some treasures that I have been accumulating.  This stuff keeps me sain and my mind OFF the fact that I am so VERY pregnant. For all you worrying people out there: YES, I do the painting outside and NO, I do not lift this stuff. Nathan helps me a lot too.

So here is some lovely things that I found and we will be working on in the coming days…

Love this dresser – me thinks FRENCH GREY will do the trick.

sanded dresser

Sweet little rocker….any suggestions on color? Can’t decide if I want a rustic white or a fun color….

sweet little rocker - before

I love this so much. I want to use it as a planter, but I think I will spruce it up a bit first…

ice box before

and finally, check out these SWEET bud vases that I bought at the estate specialists for only 25 cents each!! I am using them as candlestick holder thing-ys…

bud vase for candles

personal note: I hate allergies and braxton hicks.



In my attempt to bring light to my living room, I decided to use this old mirror I had and put it above our entertainment center. More light = more happy.

Sooo, what to do with an old mirror that probably came from walmart years ago? Grey primer and behr paint sample.


round mirror before


round mirror after



Found this on Etsy. Naturally, with my next large chunk of money that I have floating around, I would love to purchase one:

you are my sunshine artwork

I love it SO much. I think it would be PERFECT for our living room.

Don’t think I haven’t dropped SEVERAL HINTS that were NOT SUBTLE at all to my husband who is perfectly capable of either buying me this or making me one similar….



This is me the other day- right out of the shower- 31 weeks pregnant with Lincoln. OH MY WORD. Pretty sure this is what I looked like at 38 weeks with Ella.

31 weeks pregnant

oh- Also, we never ever clean our windows apparently…



Happy Monday everyone….

living room white sheers

Over the weekend, our  living room received a QUICK  face lift for spring. I threw on some natural couch covers (wrinkly and messy, but who cares? it is summer!) and white sheers on the windows. This painting was done by my Grandmother- so beautiful. I am trying to find a frame so I can hang it in the room…

living room for spring

This basket is where we put all our games, but the black was not cutting it.


basket- before

AFTER:living room face lift

I will probably keep it as an “end table” but…..who knows?

basket- slate blue

I chose “slate blue”- MUCH lighter and very pretty for spring…

basket- after

I love sheers in the summer to let all that natural light in…



So after doing my Hershey’s sugar sack pillow I decided to do a little google-ing and see what else I could do with these old grain and sugar sacks from Nana. AND GUESS WHAT? I found chairs! I didn’t think of that at all for some reason, but I am loving the idea.

Today I am inspired by these:

grain sack chairgrain sack chair back

Jayson Home & Garden
Pineapple Court
grain sack chair
feed sack chair
country home
feed sack chair

3finegrains etsy shop

I am still in love with my pillow….

Hersheys Sugar Pillow Close-up

….but perhaps a matching chair will be next….




I made this pillow yesterday and I REALLY REALLY REALLY like love it.

I had these old pieces of canvas from Nathan’s Grandmother that used to be 100lb Hershey’s sugar sacks- that is how they used to buy the sugar. (side note- think of all the good things you can make with 100 lbs of sugar). My mother-in-law gave them to me (thank you!) about a year ago.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, but I loved the vintage typography on them.

vintage hersheys sugar canvas

I used one of them for the pillow covered and used a 20×20 down pillow from IKEA.


Hersheys Sugar Pillow

Hersheys Sugar Pillow

Any other ideas or should I just keep making these awesome pillows??!!



I had this trunk filled with all kinds of crap memory stuff. It sat in my hallway for YEARS- not months. I finally cleaned it out and gave it a face-lift. Because I can.


trunk before

Obviously, I opted for yellow. Because I can.


yellow trunk

yellow trunk

For now it resides in my bathroom- to be filled with towels/linens/more stuff. The trunk will probably change locations in my home 8 times this week. Because I can.

yellow trunk

yellow trunk close up

p.s. this is also a sneak peak at my new bathroom color- yay! LOVE it. will post more pics of the room when it is complete.



found these on our bike ride Saturday. hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

blue flowers

blue flowers

my “free” weeping Japanese cherry blossom tree is kicking butt in our front yard…

drooping cherry blossom tree

cherry blossom tree

happy monday.


I tried deviled eggs yesterday because I love them. The smooth and creamy ones please. No relish. I am looking at 2 recipes and the creative me is going to combine them to make the perfect deviled egg. One dozen eggs later, I realize that one recipe was for only 6 eggs. THE ENTIRE BATCH WAS RUINED. Not even my dog would eat them- seriously.

But I have some pretty pictures of eggs….so there is that at least….

hard boiled eggs

hard boiled eggs open

and for the finale?


DOES ANYONE HAVE A GOOD RECIPE FOR ME? I may be the only person in the world who cares about this.

Here is to a better easter egg endeavor…cheers!



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