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Found this little gem at the goodwill for a buck…

I wanted to paint it yellow and when I was done, I DID NOT like it….so I started to sand it and start over. Halfway through, I realized the sanding was  totally changing the look and now check this bad boy out:





I am working on a little project that involves putting a little of this:

on a little of that:

should be ready to post in a day or two!!



We just recently stripped, stained and re-painted our staircase- and I love it. But it is bare and lonely- NADA on the walls:

People know I am a graphic designer/creative person, yada yada….but what everyone doesn’t know is that I just steal all my ideas from everyone else. A true creative just finds the best people to mimic….or that is what I tell myself.

This time I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs that showed a hallway FILLED with framed Leodardo Da Vinci works. Being a lover of Da Vinci, Nathan and I decided to do something similar.

We found an over-sized book of Da Vinci sketches book on Amazon for only $4.00- I couldn’t believe it! It is beautiful- so many to choose from.

and SOOOOO many more are in this book!!!

I gathered all our frames just laying in the attic or around the house- small and large-  that were not being used. I also plan to buy several more oversized frames to fit some of the amazing full page images in the book.

I decided to make them all antique gold for uniformity and to keep with the vintage feel- so next step is to spray!

rust-oleum hammered gold

I’ll post the “after” pic of all the frames painted and filled with sketches….as soon as the weather is nice enough. This is a pretty inexpensive project so far, so I figure my hallway can’t loose at this point…we will see!



a little thrift store find-  crisp white with a little yellow on top….listen, i’ll take sunshine where i can get it these days (can you tell i am over the snow and cold?)

candle holder after white paint

Yeah, yeah…I love working furniture. But you know what else I love?! NICE WEATHER. It is freezing cold, very wet with still tons of snow on the ground which has put a screeching halt to a lot of my projects. Even my basement is cold….I don’t do cold.

So, what is the next logical thing to do with yourself if you are bored and stuck inside???? Sew a quilt! No, I have never done it before. I just really started sewing little dresses for my Ella about a year ago. But what the heck- I am giving it a whirl.

Step 1: I found out you can download FREE AMY BUTLER PATTERNS online- I love her fabrics and she has such great designs. Here is the plan: I am using “Amy’s Nigella Quilt” pattern- it is awesome. If mine looks even remotely close to this, I will be pleased as punch:

Step 2: Buy the fabrics. This is the most fun part- not to mention the easiest. I went to Joannes (because that is the only option we have here in Lynchburg- Grrrrrrr).  You need 1 main fabric and 4-5 accent fabrics. Here is what I found:

Step 3: START CUTTING. Here is where the rubber meets the road. I have finish cutting all my center bulbs and I am halfway through cutting my accent strips:

That is all I have done so far….WISH ME LUCK!




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